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Wednesday, April 24, 2013



This blog was a project that I took on one summer, and to be completely honest, I forgot all about it. The other day I was browsing Pinterest, when I saw my very own bulletin board! I was astonished that something I had created was actually considered worthy to re-post several times. I noticed that who ever had originally pinned my bulletin board, was on my blog! I couldn't believe it! 

So in order to continue sharing my thoughts and ideas when it comes to teaching fifth grade, I thought I'd dig up my old password, and re-blog! Here it goes!


This school year has by far been the most difficult year I've had yet. I've constantly struggled to keep my endurance, enthusiasm, and creativity from hitting an all time low. Due to many circumstances, I've actually had to reconsider the reasons for going into teaching. Teaching was my passion. I lived for coming up with innovative and interactive lessons that truly engage my students in their learning. 

Recently, I've been hitting my knees a lot and asking God for guidance. I know that I was placed in my school for a reason. My students are not an easy demographic to teach. There personal lives are a strong factor to overcome. Some days it gets me down. There have been nights that I can't sleep, weekends I can't enjoy, and days that I just break down and cry for some of my students. Learning is one of the last things on some of my students minds, and that makes my job difficult. 


With that all being said, I decided that I have to dig down deep and find every bit of enthusiasm that I have. I know that I have the ability to be an amazing teacher. I have a lot of learning to do; I'm completely aware of that. I'm ready to learn. I'm ready to teach. I'm ready to make a difference. Here is a post of my favorite lessons this school year. Get ready for new and great things to come from me. 

Historical Hero Cereal Boxes

I absolutely love this lesson. Not only do my students get to dive into research, but they also get to let their creativity run wild, and create something that everyone know about, cereal! To begin this lesson, I bring in a box of Wheaties. 

Did you eat your Wheaties?

As a class, we then discuss what attributes a person must have in order to be considered for the cover of the famous Wheaties box. Most popular answers ... strong, confidant, athletic, determined, etc. 

Then we move into a discussion of the many historical figures we've talked about in our Rising Conflict in Boston chapter. This leads us into the lesson. I'm working on adding my instructions, research guidelines, and rubrics to teacherspayteachers.com. However, until then, I'll give you a sneak peek at one of my student's final projects!

Thomas Toasties ... A Bit of Independence in Every Bite !!

Amazing, right? The front of the cereal box is to consist of a picture, a cereal title, and a catchy slogan. The sides have nutritional information (40g of bravery, 12g of creativity, you get the picture), and fun facts. The back consists of a biography. However, we don't write boring essays in Ms. Johnson's class! We disguise our biographies in crossword puzzles, and word searches. These projects turned out amazing! Check out a few more of my star students. 

Franklin Berries ... A Berry Saved is a Berry Earned

Reverie'o's ... No "tea"ing. These O's taste good!

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